Login to Office 365

If you have a Microsoft Office 365 account, you can login here or use the big blue button on this page.

If you don't have a Microsoft Office 365 account, you can try or buy a subscription that fits your needs here.

login page

If you use the account that has been provided by your company on your office computer you would have a link to the portal, it’s usually put on your desktop or in the start menu. The link would be called Microsoft Office 365 Portal.

You have to log in with the details provided to you by the company, that should resemble:

YourName@YourCompanyName.onmicrosoft.com or YourName@YourCompanyDomain.com

When you are signing in with your details, you can check two boxes:

  • Remember me
  • Keep me signed in

When you check the first options, it means that the portal will remember your username, so you don’t have to type it in every time you come back. The second one will remember your password, that could be handy but might also cause a conflict when your password expires and it needs to be changed.

If you log in for the first time you are going to see a screen like this:

first screen

The home screen depends on your company settings.

On the home screen you’ll notice links for tutorials with more information about Office 365. The links on the left will lead you to Microsoft Office Help.

There is info about setting up your Mac or iPad for Office 365.

You can also find tips for changing your account settings in Office 365.

If your subscription allows that and if you don’t have a desktop version of Microsoft Office 2013 you can install Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Access, Publisher, Outlook, Lync, InfoPath on your computer.

first screen

You can also set up your phone or tablet to work with Office 365 from the portal. Just choose your brand and type of device and get online help.

first screen

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